An Autumn 'To Write' List


September always brings a flurry of creative inspiration and motivation. There’s something about the crisping leaves and sharp air that fills me with productive zeal. I get those ‘back to school’ feelings even though I’ve been out of education for eight years.

In September I declutter, bake, and dream up more stories than I could ever write.

To capitalise the motivational streak this new season inspires, here’s a list of prompts I’ll be using in my writer’s notebook. Hope you find them useful.

1.     Write about the change in season

2.     A fairy exiled from his homeland

3.     Something inspired by nature foraged from the autumn wood

4.     A witch’s spell

5.     How does a tree feel when it loses its leaves?

6.     A Gaelic colour walk up the hill

7.     Write from a café. Fill one page with observations

8.     Stream of consciousness from a being one thousand years old

9.     Write about the secret society of bats living in the kirk’s belfry

10.  A month of moon observations


Feel free to share your results if you use any of these.

Happy Autumn writing 🍂