The Bone-Men – A Novelette


On November 30th I’m releasing my novelette The Bone-Men into the world.

It feels exciting and scary all at once. Perhaps that’s to be expected sharing creative endeavours – a little bit of our soul is in everything we create. Overall, I feel joy that I can share this first step in my author journey with you.

The Bone-Men is an experiment, a testing of the water – hopefully just the beginning of more books, more creativity, more days spent aligned to my purpose.

The Bone-Men will be available as a beautifully illustrated e-book from my website. You can read it on your e-reader, tablet or phone. It will cost £12 and payment is via Paypal.

My aim here is to do something a little different. I believe many folk now prefer to buy direct from the artist, rather than through a faceless organisation. Amazon might give me a wider audience (and I’m not ruling it out by any means) but it lacks the personal connection with readers which I’ve grown to love.

Offering an e-book of The Bone-Men on my website first lets me share my writing with you in a personal and sustainable way. I hope you’ll take a chance on it.

Reasons to read

The Bone-Men is for you if you like dark folklore and grim fantasy.

For those who like their skies gloomy, their forests forbidding and their protagonists questionable. This is a tale of the wildwood. A place of spooling fate and ritual. Pagan, grimy.

It’s dried bones and smoke. The magic and murder of winter. A tale of survival and ignorance, mothers and daughters.

It is a cave, a shadow, a silver-fed corrie. It’s poetic language and guttural ramblings. A tale of a primeval wood told through the lens of contemporary consciousness and age-old sacrifice.


I hope you enjoy this modern folktale, the first of many to come.

Oonagh Moon